Horse breeds: Konik Pony

Horse breeds: Konik Pony

Origins and attitudes

Pony originally from Poland, descended from the Tarpan, which gave him resistance and frugality. Later it was crossed with Arab stallions that have softened the lines.
It has been used in agriculture; can be used as a saddle pony for the countryside and trekking.
Long-lived, strong and generous.

Morphological characters

Type: mesomorphic.
Coat: sorcino, isabella, with darker mule line and mane and tail; gray and bay.
Height at the withers: approx. 130-140 cm.
Average weight: 320 - 380 kg.
Independent and sometimes rebellious character.

Konik Pony (photo Marcel Louwes)

Video: Konik stallion interferes the attempt of mating of his son with a sub adult (November 2021).