Horse breeds: Hannover

Horse breeds: Hannover

Origins and attitudes

German breed originating in the Regions of Hanover and Lower Saxony. A very ancient breed from the eighteenth century to today, it has profoundly changed its appearance. It was the King of England George I who introduced the English thoroughbred to the breed that had hitherto been used in towing and agricultural work. In 1735 George II continued the work of transforming the breed by founding a stable near Hanover, where he managed to obtain a lighter horse, particularly suitable for towing carriages. After a period of stabilization, with the changing needs and always through the English thoroughbred and the Trakehner, the modern Hanover was obtained, a typical modern sport horse. It has been used to improve other breeds.
Saddle horse and light shooting, used in equestrian sports (show jumping, dressage, complete and fox hunting).

Morphological characters

Type: meso-dolicomorphic.
Coat: bay, morello, gray, sauro (frequent white markings).
Height at the withers: 160 - 175 cm.
Weight: 500 - 600 kg.
Quiet, balanced, courageous and joyful character.

Hannover (photo

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