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This section is dedicated to the fantastic world of the Horse and to the many breeds that over the millennia have been selected by man. For each breed the origins, attitudes and morphological characteristics are briefly illustrated.

Atlas of horse breeds

We have collected in a user-friendly atlas (cards with images) the main breeds of horses, divided into Italian and foreign breeds. Click on the menu and select the desired breed of horses.

Information to mariners

The horse (Equus caballus) was domesticated by humans thousands of years ago. LEquus przelawski (Wild horse of Asia) is the only wild horse still existing.Today there are many equine breeds, often very different from each other, selected for the various fields of employment: work, shooting, sport, walking, leisure, etc. Although our civilization is dominated by engines, man still feeds for the horse, a generous and proud animal that has accompanied him since prehistoric times, a very deep affection and bond. Many are the classifications proposed for the breeds of horses: in blood hot, cold-blooded and ponies; racing, riding and shooting; classification according to the structure. The latter seems to us the most used today; three basic types are distinguished: brachimorphic, mesomorphic and dolicomorphic and intermediate groups.

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