Breeds of dogs: Irish Red-White Setter

Breeds of dogs: Irish Red-White Setter

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Ireland.
F.C.I classification: Group 7 - standing dogs.

Few people know that the Irish red and white setter was born before the red-haired breed of the same name. The Irish setter was recognized in the late 17th century. The popularity of the red-haired breed has exploded to the point of risking red-white extinction, which was recovered and re-evaluated around 1920, thanks to the great work of many breeders and enthusiasts.

General aspect

Medium-sized dog, which expresses a lot of strength and power, but without heaviness. It is a harmonious and proportionate dog, much more athletic than distinguished. Breed fascinating for its simplicity of forms and its phlegm.


In his country of origin, this dog is bred mainly for hunting on the plains. It is a set dog. Docile, friendly and easy enough to train. He is an excellent companion, kind and affectionate. He is an aristocratic dog, lively and alert. He is truly brave and determined. Irish hunters consider him superior to red because of his much calmer temperament.

Irish Red-White Setter ((photo

Irish Red-White Setter ((photo


- males between 62 and 66 cm
- females between 57 and 61 cm.
Weight: from 25 to 32 kg.

Trunk: harmonious and proportionate.
Head and muzzle: the skull is domed, with marked occipital protuberance and evident stop.
Truffle: on the same line as the nasal bridge.
Teeth: complete and correct teeth.
Neck: well stretched and quite robust.
Ears: they are attached at eye level and placed very backwards, always against the head.
Eyes: of right size.
Limbs: perfectly perpendicular. With excellent musculature.
Shoulder: of right inclination.
Pace: very energetic and dynamic.
Musculature: has excellent muscle masses throughout the body.
Tail: it is of moderate length, does not drop lower than the hock. Of strong attachment, it tapers progressively towards the fine point. It is brought to the level of the back or immediately below.
Hair: semi-long on the body, long and silky (fringes) in the back face of the limbs and in the auricle, on the throat and on the tail.
Allowed colors: must be white marked with solid red (sharp red spots). The two colors must be as bright as possible.
Most common defects: prognathism, enognatism, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, limbs not perpendicular, long or open feet, clear eyes, badly worn ears, obesity, atypical of the head, excessive or insufficient angles of the posterior, too narrow skull, depigmented truffle, badly carried tail, measures out of standard, defective rear end, incorrect gait, shy character.

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