Breeds of dogs: Australian Terrier

Breeds of dogs: Australian Terrier

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Australia.
F.C.I classification: Group 3 - terriers.

The Australian Terrier is very similar to the "Yorkshire" in its appearance. Its origin, as the name implies, is in Australia, but its "cradle of evolution" was undoubtedly Great Britain. The person who managed to implant the characters of this particular breed was the Countess of Stradbroke, who over the years managed to fix a homogeneous type. Its progenitors are a whole host of English terriers, such as "Norwich", "Yorkshire", "Patterdale", and other breeds. The "Yorkshire" imported to Australia by European colonizers were mainly used to create this breed. The first breed club was founded in Australia in 1887. In 1933 the breed was included in the English Origins Book. Gradually the breed gained popularity and began to be bred satisfactorily, until it achieved the first internationally recognized titles. The breed from the last decade of the nineteenth century was introduced to the USA, where it became very popular, and later spread throughout Europe. The breed standard was approved in Australia in 1961.

General aspect

Small, mesomorphic dolichocephalic dog. One of its typical characteristics that distinguishes it from all the other breeds is the particular tuft of hazel-colored hair on the head and another circle of hair that goes around its neck. Many inexperienced people can mistake it for a "Yorkshire", being very similar to it. Sturdy and short dog, quite long in proportion to the height at the withers.


To be considered an excellent companion dog. It has the main characteristics of all terriers: activity, attention and solidity. He has a balanced temperament. He is very loyal to man. Suitable for being with children and with the whole family. His character is very lively, even too much in certain situations. Always cheerful and affectionate. It adapts very well to any type of environment and climatic condition. He loves to travel and explore new areas.

Australian Terrier (photo

Australian Terrier (photo


Height: about 25.5 cm
Weight: approximately 6.35 kg

Trunk: long body in proportion to the height at the withers. Robust construction. Ribs are well circled. The thorax is of the correct depth and is quite wide.
Head and muzzle: rather long, with flat skull. Light but defined stop. Strong and powerful muzzle. Muzzle of equal length with respect to the skull. The skull is covered at the top with a singular silky tuft.
Truffle: large and black in color.
Teeth: regularly aligned and complete in number and development. The closure must be scissors.
Ears: small and carried erect on the head. Insert with moderate distance between them.
Limbs: both hindquarters and forelegs must be perpendicular. Medium length. The thighs in the hindquarters are broad and rather muscular. Good angles. Good bone.
Shoulder: with right inclination.
Musculature: good development throughout the body.
Upper line: straight.
Tail: with high attachment. It must not be curved on the back. It is almost always amputated.
Hair: the hair of cover is dense, rough and straight. It must be about 6 cm long. The undercoat must be short and thick. Long hair on the muzzle and on the lower limbs.
Allowed colors: blue, steel blue, blue gray with tan markings; tuft blue, silver; pure or red sand.
Most common defects: incorrect movement, upper line ceded, incorrect posterior, lack of premolars, deviated jaw, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, incorrect appendages, flesh-colored truffle, depigmented truffle, clear nails, woolly hair, light eyes, non-standard sizes.

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