Pig breeds: Poland China

Pig breeds: Poland China

Origin, diffusion and production characteristics

Swine breed of American origin (Ohio), probably derived from crossbreeds between indigenous breeds with oriental breeders. The primitive type, mainly from fat and lard (lard type), was then transformed into dual type, that is, also from meat, maintaining the good attitude towards fattening.
The meat produced is abundant and firm. The Spotted Poland China (or Spot) subrace with black-and-white piebald coat, with irregular spots (of greater size than the original breed and considered more robust and convenient) is also highly bred. It is the American race that has had the widest and longest-lasting spread in the world. The prolificity is medium and also the milk-milk attitude is generally considered not particularly marked. Excellent are the ability to convert food and grazing attitude.

Morphological characteristics

Of large size, with elongated longitudinal diameter and well developed transverse diameters.
The skin and coat in the most common type are black, with six white spots with a fixed seat: on the end of the snout and tail and four flounces.
It is considered among the earliest breeds: according to the American standard, at the age of 18 months the boars should reach about 225-250 kg and the sows 180-200 kg. The earliness character is transmitted in a dominant way, when it is used as a cross breed.

Poland China boar

Young specimens of Poland China

Poland China (photo

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