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Francesco Silletta

I am 38 years old and live in a charming little village on the hills near Monferrato called Verrua Savoia; a pleasant location with a landscape immersed in an arcadia suitable for those who have a passion for agriculture and poultry farming. Since I was a child I have always loved Nature, animals and when at the age of 10 I came across a group of geese for the first time, I was struck by it! Their appearance, the orange of the beak in stark contrast to the whiteness of the plumage; their proud bearing and bold character ... A love at first sight !! After that meeting I raised my first geese and over time I delved into the topic ... I had a garden adjacent to a stream where my beautiful friends with webbed legs loved to wallow .. I was totally besieged by common geese; White and brown swans; Toulouse geese; Romagnole geese; a pair of Canadians and finally a pair of striped head geese. I also owned a whole range of ducks of various breeds. But it was the geese that fed my most authentic transport!
I hatched the goose eggs several times in the incubator (following Konrad Lorenz's experience with the goose Martina, from his book L ring of King Solomon), and because of the imprinting phenomenon, all the ducks born in the incubator joined me to the point of following me everywhere and defending myself from other animals! It was a wonderful experience that I suggest to anyone who wants to establish a close relationship with their feathered friends. Imprinting is not only related to geese, but all other birds are also subject to this natural phenomenon. Currently I breed geese from Embden and my move to the hills is aimed precisely at the purpose of raising and cheering up my days again in the company of my beloved geese.


Francesco Silletta

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