Pot plants: Exacum affine

Pot plants: Exacum affine

Classification, origin and description

Common name: Exacum.
Kind: Exacum.

Family: Genzianaceae.

provenance: Islands of the Indian Ocean.

Genre description: includes about 40 species of evergreen plants, of herbaceous or suffruticose nature, of which the only one cultivated is E. affine.

Exacum affine (photo

Species and varieties

Exacum affine: originating in some islands of the Indian Ocean, this annual or biennial species has shiny leaves, bright green color and ovate shape. In summer the plant is covered with small fragrant blue-violet or white flowers with a yellow throat. Reaches 15-30 cm. tall and suitable for growing in a greenhouse or apartment.

Environmental requirements, substrate, fertilizations and special precautions

Temperature: the ideal temperature is around 15-16 ° C.
Light: good, but protected from direct sunlight.
Watering and environmental humidity: the soil must always be kept moist.
Substrate: mixture of garden soil, peat and sand.
Fertilizations and special measures: in spring-summer, administer liquid fertilizer every fortnight. To make the flowering last longer, remove the already withered flowers.


Sowing is used, which must be carried out in March, distributing the seeds superficially in pots, filled with peat and sand, under a transparent plastic cover. The ideal temperature is around 18 ° C, the exposure should be shaded.

Diseases, pests and adversities

Video: Exacum affine. Persian Violet (November 2021).