Regional Natural Reserves of the Province of Siena - Tuscany

Regional Natural Reserves of the Province of Siena - Tuscany

In 1996, the Province of Siena established 11 Nature Reserves which occupy a total of about 8 thousand hectares of territory of high environmental, naturalistic, historical and cultural value.
The Reserves were formally established by the Provincial Council of Siena (resolutions n.38 of 21.03.1996 and n.127 of 17.07.1996) as required by art. 15 of the L.R. 49/95 Rules on parks, nature reserves and protected natural areas of local interest. 4 Reserves, Basso Merse, Farma, La Pietra and Cornate and Fosini, also extend in the territory of the Province of Grosseto.

Alto Merse

Tuscany region
Province: Siena
Municipalities: Chiusdino, Monticiano and Sovicille
Surface: 2,000 hectares

The Reserve includes in its southern half the stretch of the Merse river between the two bends that the watercourse forms north-east of Monticiano and near Brenna; the remaining surface protects a large part of the basin of the Ricausa torrent, a left tributary of the Merse.

Ponte della Pia - Alto Merse Nature Reserve (photo Aldo Innocenti

Basso Merse

Tuscany region
Provinces: Siena, Grosseto
Municipalities: Monticiano, Murlo and Civitella Paganico (GR)
Surface: 1,743 hectares

Much of the Reserve, rich in historical evidence, extends over the territory that went to form the fiefdom of the Archbishop of Siena in 1055, which had its seat in the nearby Murlo castle and an important stronghold in the Crevole castle. In addition to Crevole, Vallerano, Montepescini and Olivello, small villages that dot the borders of the Reserve, were also communities of the archiepiscopal fiefdom, while the beautiful complex of S. Giusto, an ancient property of the Ranuccini family, passed to the Spedale di S. in the 15th century. Maria della Scala, who made it her own grange.

Bosco di SantAgnese

Tuscany region
Province: Siena
Municipality: Castellina in Chianti
Surface: 271 hectares

The cypress grove of Bosco di SantAgnese, located halfway between Castellina in Chianti and Poggibonsi, interrupts the continuity of the vineyards and olive groves that characterize the landscape of the Sienese Chianti. The vine and the olive tree, along with some arable land, sometimes fit inside the cypress grove, forming small open areas.


Tuscany region
Province: Siena
Municipality: San Gimignano
Surface: 734 hectares

The Castelvecchio Nature Reserve is located in Val d’Elsa, a few kilometers west of S. Gimignano. The ruins of Castelvecchio, from which you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the surroundings, are a point of reference for excursions in the Reserve.

Cornate and Fosini

Tuscany region
Provinces: Siena, Grosseto
Municipalities: Radicondoli and Montieri (GR)
Surface: 879 hectares

The Reserve includes the ruined castle of Fosini, perched on sheer cliffs, and the Cornate di Gerfalco, a limestone rock massif. The protected area is covered with mixed woods and pastures, largely abandoned and reforested with resinous essences. Above the 600 m altitude of the northern slope there is the mountain rowan, rather rare in the Sienese. From the faunistic point of view, the presence of the wolf, the wild cat and the marten is worth mentioning. The castle of Fosini and the surrounding cliffs are frequented by the wallcreeper.


Tuscany region
Provinces: Siena, Grosseto
Municipalities: Monticiano and Roccastrada (GR)
Surface: 1,561 hectares

The Farma Nature Reserve, located between Monticiano and Roccastrada, includes the middle section of the beautiful and wild valley in which the Farma stream flows, the main tributary of the Merse river, and the upper course of the Lanzo, a long stream that flows into the Ombrone all height of Paganico.

The stone

Tuscany region
Provinces: Siena, Grosseto
Municipalities: Chiusdino and Roccastrada (GR)
Surface: 530 hectares

Located in the upper Farma Valley, a few kilometers south-west of the village of Monticiano, the La Pietra Nature Reserve protects an area almost entirely wooded, between the Farma stream and the last stretch of the Farmulla stream, its left tributary.

Montepulciano lake

Tuscany region
Province: Siena
Municipality: Montepulciano
Surface: 470 hectares

The history of the lake of Montepulciano and of the entire Val di Chiana is marked by continuous attempts at reclamation, started already by the Etruscans, who tried to fight the swamp of the valley, helping the Chiana river (from Clanis, probably Etruscan term still synonymous today Tuscan marsh) to improve its drainage.

Beautiful firefly

Tuscany region
Province: Siena
Municipality: Pienza
Surface: 1165 hectares

The Reserve, located south-east of the town of Pienza, along the road that leads from Val d'Orcia to Chianciano Terme, circumscribes a small corner of the famous landscape of the Crete Senesi, which has its last eastern offshoots here.


Tuscany region
Province: Siena
Municipalities: Chianciano and Sarteano
Surface: 341 hectares

The Pietraporciana Nature Reserve occupies the top, the northern slope and part of the southern slope of the homonymous hill (847 m.), Part of the ridge which, between Chianciano Terme and Sarteano, separates the Val d'Orcia from the Val di Chiana, joining further south with Monte Cetona. The limestone cliffs of Poggio di Pietraporciana were used in remote times by man, as shown by some cavities in the rock, including the Grotta del Bruco.


Tuscany region
Province: Siena
Municipality: Piancastagnaio
Surface: 862 hectares

The Pigelleto Reserve, located south of Piancastagnaio, protects a heterogeneous wooded area, rich in plant species, among which the presence of white fir as a spontaneous species takes on particular importance. The history of the Pigelleto wood, as of all the Amiata territory, has been strongly marked, at least in the last two centuries, by the presence of cinnabar deposits.

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