Lampedusa Island Nature Reserve - Sicily

Lampedusa Island Nature Reserve - Sicily

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Regional Oriented Natural Reserve; established in 1995 by the Sicily Region with D.A.R.T.A 16 May 1995 n. 291 (but the area had already been bound as a Legambiente Oasis in 1984).
Region: Sicily
Province: Agrigento

The Lampedusa Island Nature Reserve (Municipality of Lampedusa) extends for about 320 hectares along an uncontaminated stretch of coast in the southern part of the Pelagie archipelago of the same name). The reserve has been identified as a Special Protection Area (SPA) and as a Site of Community Importance (SIC) due to the presence of rare animal and plant species and habitats threatened with extinction.
In 2002 the Pelagie Islands Marine Protected Area was established

Isola dei Conigli - Lampedusa Island Nature Reserve (photo


Lisola di Lampedusa is 138 km from the coast of Tunisia and 215 km from Sicily. It constitutes an outcropping stretch of the African platform and is made up of limestone layers of sedimentary rocks that formed during the Middle-Upper Miocene. Lampedusa is the largest of the three Pelagie islands, has an extension of almost 20 square kilometers, a perimeter of 26 kilometers and a population of about 5,000 inhabitants.
It is a natural jewel where marine life is intertwined with terrestrial life, thanks to the extraordinary phenomenon of the reproduction of sea turtles. At the end of Spiaggia dei Conigli these marine reptiles lay, silent in the early summer nights, hundreds of eggs, which hatch only after a few months. This island is home to other precious reptiles such as the congilo and the very rare Psammodromus algirus, a small lizard found only in the tiny Rabbit Island. This tiny island, separated from Lampedusa by a short arm of the sea, also houses a rich colony of seagulls.
But Lampedusa - the Lapadusa of the Latins - is also a limestone land of rare and endemic plants, often hidden among the rocks of the deep valleys that open along the coasts, and in step for thousands of migrating birds. It is a land of fishermen and houses with soft but sometimes bright colors that intelligently regulate the absorption of the heat of the scorching sun.

Lampedusa Island Nature Reserve (photo

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How to get there:
Lampedusa is connected daily by sea with Porto Empedocle (AG) and by air with Palermo. In summer the island can also be reached with direct flights from the main Italian cities.


Legambiente - Sicilian Regional Committee
Via V. Emanuele, 27
92010 Lampedusa (Ag)

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