Cat breeds: Tiffany Chantilly

Cat breeds: Tiffany Chantilly

FIFe classification and history

Name: Tiffany / Chantilly
Country of origin: United States.

In 1967, Jennie Robinson purchased a pair of chocolate-colored, golden-eyed long-haired cats in New York whose provenance was unknown. The color of the cats, however, indicated a relationship with the Burmese. The cats went to a Burmese breeder from Florida, who called them Tiffany, but association with the cats she bred was inevitable. In the 80s Chantilly risked extinction, but in 1988 a Canadian breeder stabilized the breed by calling it Chantilly / Tiffany (source

General aspect

It is a medium-sized cat, elegant and muscular.

Ears: medium, rounded
Eyes: round, gold color
Head: round
Body: medium size, muscular
Coat: long
Legs: long and thin
Feet: oval and round
Tail: medium, very thick


With a sweet and adorable character, they become very attached to the owner, who they follow around the house and from which they love to be pampered for a long time. They need constant attention and love to play daily; they suffer if they are left alone for too long.

Tiffany / Chantilly


Because of their thick and long coat they need to be brushed and combed every day.

Tiffany / Chantilly

Variety of color

There are several permitted colors, including chocolate, blue, cinnamon, brown-glacé and lilac, both plain and mottled. The best known is however chocolate brown.

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